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Major telecom companies 1 year ago

Some vendors are naturally better than others, and focusing on the biggest and most trustworthy names in the industry is crucial for any business wanting to unlock the full potential of SD-WAN.

Wan deployment experience under its belt. In addition to being reliable and secure, the SD-WAN supports excellent scalability opportunities that are ideal for growing ventures.

Through managed and co-managed solutions, businesses can embrace a low-risk WAN transformation that opens the door to improved networking across the board. Tata Telecom The Indian provider’s approach to SD-WAN deployment is heavily based on flexibility. This is underlined by the option to utilize a hybrid solution as well as the possibilities to upscale with minimal fuss. The centralized control system additionally offers intelligent routing.

‍Tata Telecom serves thousands of business clients in India, North America, and Europe. The virtualized network solutions support companies on a 24/7 basis. Nippon Telegraph & Tel NTT offers SD-WAN services via MPLS, Ethernet, Local Internet, Broadband, LTE/4G in over 190 different countries, and is trusted by businesses of various sizes from a range of different industries. The secure gateways and excellent reliability make them a great choice for all.

Aside from keeping your business well connected via the range of network options, the real-time network analytics allow for multi-dimensional visualization and an improved UX. British Telecom British Telecom is one of the world's oldest and best telecoms companies while their global presence is particularly huge too. As far as commercial operations are concerned, their Cisco-powered SD-WAN services have established their place amongst the market leaders.

The encrypted network offers great scalability and personalization. Crucially, its ability to integrate with other services and keep the company connected to the network is telling. China Telecom China Telecom’s SD-WAN network routes traffic to the centralized data center with fantastic reliability, which is why it is used by thousands of companies across Asia as well as many others from further afield. As a 21st-century company, they are in touch with the most advanced tech.

The ability to access public data clouds and automate adaption to real-time to bandwidth demands can transform the company’s approach to SDN technologies forever. Telefonica Telecom The Spanish multinational telecoms provider entered the SD-WAN market in 2017 and uses over 90 years of tech experience to offer an affordable solution for a reliable, scalable, and secure approach to incorporating SD-WAN.

Powered by Nuage’s virtualized network, Telefonica also offers a hybrid SD-WAN solution that also incorporates MPLS. While it initially launched on the domestic market, it is now internationally available. Singapore Telecom Singtel uses ConnectPlus Software-Defined WAN services to connect thousands of businesses to their individual networks, routing data back to the data center with fantastic reliability. This centralized approach allows changes to be rolled out across the network in real time.

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